Mattson FIRST/WinFIRST (Mattson)
Software DOS: FIRST Windows: WinFIRST V1.1
Instrument Galaxy Series FT-IRs, any instrument that uses FIRST/WinFIRST
File Extension *.abs *.ras, *.drt
This converter can read data files in the Mattson FIRST and WinFIRST formats. The FIRST software products use different file extensions to denote the content of the data file. The extensions listed above are the ones most commonly used for ratioed, absorbance and transmittance spectra. Generally, you should not submit FIRST/WinFIRST files with other extensions as they will not contain data that can be searched against the databases (i.e., Interferograms or Single Beam spectra).
Refer to the complete list of supported file formats.

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